Looking to Sell Your Car - We Buy Any Car!

Buyers of your car at your door! At Car Baba, we come to your home, evaluate your car to the optimum, keep hard cash at your hand and take with the car. It won’t get simpler if you want to sell your car.

You need not worry if your car is too old, damaged or non-starter! We buy all kinds of vehicles as we know what to do with them.

What we stand out for is our willingness to provide you with the best possible valuation of your car and the assurance that we will buy the car regardless of its condition. Of course, it will happen only if you agree with what we offering, but we won’t back off from buying the vehicle.

We are a popular car buying service in the UK. Every day we receive a stream of mails and calls requesting us to evaluate the cars and buy them. We have enabled our clients to send us details of their cars online that we analyse and send back our valuation. That easy! Just enter the specifications of your car on the form on our site and submit. We will mail you the valuation.

Optionally, you can drive your vehicle to our office where our experts will examine the car and advise you about is market value.

If your car is unmoveable and you do not want to take the pains to tow it, we are willing to travel. We can schedule a convenient time to visit your place and provide you with a valuation then and there. It is no-obligation quote and you are at liberty to accept or deny the proposal. If you agree, we hand over cash to you and go back if the car. In case you do not, which rarely happens, we offer a handshake with a smile before hitting return.

Time to give us a call now or submit online form.

Free Car Valuation

Service Chart

  • Free Collection or Branch Visit
  • No Service / Handling charges
  • Payment made before collection
  • We buy Financed Vehicles
  • no Road Tax / MOT
  • Non runners / Damaged Vehicles
  • Vans, Motorbikes, Caravans.

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