Save Fuel-Drive Happily

Save fuel

Having a car is easy sometimes, but maintaining its expenses is the main part to handle. Let’s have a look on to some of the main fuel saving tips which will surely help you to save money.

Periodic Car Service

Change fuel

Car service is linked directly with the fuel performance. If you maintain your car’s service regularly and take care of the engine, change the engine oil regularly, then it will surely save fuel consumption while driving the car. You can check and compare it with any of the car which is not maintained and you will surely hear from that person that his car is consuming too much fuel.

Do not Accelerate All Time- Drive Smoothly

Do not Accelerate

Once you have switched on your car, drive it smoothly. It is a bad habit to accelerate the car all the time. It directly affects the engine and decreases the fuel efficiency.

Do not Drive in Rush Hours

Rush Hour Driving

Always drive the car on selective times. Means try to avoid driving the car on office and school times. If you drive the car on these times, you will surely use accelerator, change gear and breaks all the time. This activity effect fuel efficiency. It is not possible not to drive the car on these times, but if you can avoid and manage to use it to some other time, then it will surely give good fuel efficiency.

Use Air Conditioner and Heater Optionally

Car AC

It is obvious that when you are driving in summer, or in winter, you must use AC and heater. But you can use it carefully and smartly. When you fee that the temperature is up to your demand, turn off it and wait for a while. If you continuously switched it on, then it will consume more fuel.

Remove Roof Rack and Do not Carry Unnecessary Luggage

Car Rack

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