Private Auto Sales Made Easy

The art of selling a vehicle through a private sale has been around for decades and can sometimes work to the buyer’s advantage if they prefer to pay in cash and avoid the hassle of financing. You can buy vehicles from online classifieds or in the local area at the ‘usual’ display spots and these can make an ideal first car for a teenager. Since it is accomplished outside the normal channels there are a couple of things you need to do to protect yourself as the purchaser.

First, you need to ensure that the price being asked for the vehicle is reasonable and since most individuals are not auto mechanics or experts by trade, you need to use a reliable resource that can help you in this area. All you need is the VIN number, mileage and some basic information about the car, truck, SUV or van which is normally provided in the online listings or by the seller without any problems. Enter this information into the online ‘value my van free’ area and wait for the email to come back with a fair market estimate. This information puts you in a better bargaining position and helps to keep the other side honest.


Once you have determined that the vehicle price is acceptable then you need to have it examined by a reliable auto mechanic to verify safety and usability. The last thing you want to do is pay cash for a ‘lemon’ that quits running two weeks after you bought it. This inspection can also let you know if there are prior accidents or damage that the seller failed to disclose. Information of this nature can be sent back to the vendor who provides the free van value so that they can give you an updated estimate to take back to the selling individual.

Private auto sales are convenient and simple if you take a couple of precautionary steps that will protect you after the sale has been finalized. These tips also work just as well for someone looking to sell their vehicle and can provide potential buyers all of this upfront making them transparent and a step above the rest. Take advantage of online tools and resources to value your van for Free to make good deals instead of a question mark.

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